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Welcome, I'm Ellen Gecker, the founder of Orion Wellness.

Orion Wellness focuses on the whole person, which includes the physical body, the mental state, and the link between the two because they are very much interconnected. The body cannot stay healthy or heal from illness without the person’s mind helping that to happen.

I use hypnotherapy along with other modalities to help clients suffering from a variety of health conditions, including stress and anxiety. If you could use support, get in touch with me below.

or you may text / call (717) 389-5957

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"Techniques to Calm your Nerves" ebook

Are you worried, jittery, losing sleep, even fearful about the state of the world, yourself, or your family? This ebook contains multiple easy ways to calm down your mind and your body, generally in a few minutes. Most of them are not the usual things that you already know. It’s essential for this time when so many people are having high stress levels.

The price for this unique ebook is $10.

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