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Free Meditations

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Ellen is a certified meditation trainer who has personally found great value in guided meditation. Under the name of Orion Wellness, she has written and recorded meditations on YouTube, and she has also teamed up with her husband, L. Small, to write and record meditations. He is a poet, songwriter, and musician and they have written some very unique guided meditations, some of them rhyming, with a background of lovely music.

The topics are unique and aim to help you deal with life’s issues, such as health problems, mental health issues, feeling confident, and creating a better life. Some are spoken affirmations, which are positive statements that you make to yourself to help your mind overcome negative thoughts and think more positively. You’ll want to listen to these meditations over and over to have the most benefit.

The meditations aren’t up on YouTube just yet, so check back frequently to get information on them as soon as they are available.

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