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Hypnosis Quiz

How much do you know about hypnosis and other complementary medical techniques?

Test your knowledge about hypnosis and other holistic techniques. How did you do? (Please see the answer key below when you have completed it.) Would you like to know more about how these techniques can help you? We welcome you to call Orion Wellness for a complementary consultation to discuss whether Integrative Health techniques are a good fit for you.

1. Which part of the mind seems to be taking the lead when a person does hypnosis?

A.  Brain stem
B.  Right brain
C.  Subconscious
D.  Left brain

2.  What is the most common myth about hypnosis?

A. Not everyone can be hypnotized.
B. The hypnotist can hypnotize me without my knowing it.
C. Many people go in and out of hypnosis throughout my day.
D. The hypnotist will be able to control my mind and find out my secrets.

3.  Which of the following is true during hypnosis?

A.  You are under another person’s control.
B.  You have free will.
C.  It is a form of being asleep.
D.  You are unaware of what's going on around you.

4. Once someone has hypnotized you, you will always be under that person’s power and have to do what the hypnotist tells you forever.

True or False

5.  It is possible that while in hypnosis, people can experience anesthesia and analgesia without the use of any drugs.

True or False

6.  In deep hypnosis, a person is capable of experiencing amnesia for which of the following?

A. Their own name.
B. Their spouse’s name.
C. A number when counting from 1 to 10.
D. All of the above.
E. None of the above.

7.  In a deep state of hypnosis an individual can re-experience an event from childhood.

True or False

8.  A deeply hypnotized person can get stuck in hypnosis if not properly brought out by the hypnotist.

True or False

9.  A hypnotized person automatically forgets what happened during the hypnosis and they usually don't even remember being hypnotized.

True or False

10.  Which of these essential oils is used as an antiseptic?

A.  Sage
B.  Rosemary
C.  Bergamot
D.  Tea Tree

11.  Which of these essential oils is used for headaches?

A.  Peppermint
B.  Sandalwood
C.  Basil
D.  Chamomile

12.  It requires about 242,000 rose petals to distill approximately 5 mL of rose essential oil.

True or False

13.  “Tapping” is also known as Emotional Focus Technique (EFT).

True or False

14.  Tapping (EFT) can be useful for which ones of the following:

A.  Physical pain
B.  Anxiety
C.  Food cravings
D.  Stopping smoking
E.  All of the above
F.  None of the above

15.  When doing Tapping (EFT), you are stimulating the following:

A.  Chakras
B.  Nerves
C.  Meridian points
D.  Blood flow


Hypnosis and other Complementary Medical Techniques are not an alternative or a replacement for professional medical or psychiatric care. Be sure to consult with your primary care provider and continue medical treatment. Hypnosis and the other complementary techniques taught to you are to be used in addition to your professional medical treatment.

Hypnosis and Complementary Medical Techniques are aimed at reducing symptoms of health conditions, generally due to reduction of feelings of stress and anxiety. No guarantee can be made, and no refunds made after a session, just as no guarantee of success or refund is given by your physician for your medical treatment.

Ellen will not be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of this website, the meditations that are provided, or as a result of any of Orion Wellness sessions, programs, trainings, or presentations.

As a medical professional, Ellen abides by HIPAA guidelines. All information given to her will remain confidential, with the following exceptions: signed permission by the client to share the information, learning about intended harm to self, risk of harm to another person, commitment of a crime, child abuse, or elder abuse.

Ellen retains the right to refuse services to anyone who she feels will not be a good fit with her or with use of hypnosis and other Complementary Medical Techniques.

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