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Major Success Story for Serious Heart Disease

Luke, a good friend of Ellen and her husband had degenerative heart disease and at age 45 needed a heart transplant. He was on the transplant list but no heart was available. Due to his poor condition, he was in and out of the hospital continually and he, his wife, and his two pre-teen children were extremely stressed. Ellen went to their house and did a guided meditation with all four of them, which was incredibly successful for calming their nerves. Even their normally hyperactive dog seemed almost drugged.

Ellen did hypnosis with Luke in preparation for the time when the transplant would occur and also to address his continual pain and difficulty sleeping, and he recorded it on his phone and listened to it daily. He said it was amazingly helpful and the only way he could get to sleep.

Luke’s heart rhythm became increasingly irregular and dangerous, so he was taken into the cardiac cath lab to basically destroy the part of the heart sending out the improper electrical signals. Ellen sat with his wife in the waiting room during this 7 hour procedure. When he returned to the recovery area, the nurse didn’t want to let Ellen go in, but Luke’s wife Olivia insisted. He was supposed to lie still for hours so that the plug they put in the hole in his leg artery where the cardiac catheter went in wouldn’t dislodge. However, he was in such tremendous pain, he was writhing all over the stretcher. He was given pain medication three times through his IV, but it didn’t touch the pain. Ellen asked if he would like to do hypnosis for the pain and he readily agreed. From starting out writhing in tremendous pain, within 10 minutes he was lying there calmly, and in another 10 minutes was snoring. This result of the hypnosis was better than what any of us anticipated.

Eventually Luke’s heart became so weak and ineffective that his surgeon actually removed it and inserted an artificial heart, something done in only certain hospitals in the country. Luckily his medical center was one of those that did. Ellen did hypnosis with him the next day for healing and pain, which he recorded on his phone and listened to regularly. He did better during the surgery and his recovery was faster than anyone expected.

Luke lived with an artificial heart for about nine months, some of it at home and some of it in the hospital. Then a real heart came in and he was prepared for a transplant, which is riskier than normal when the patient has to have an artificial heart removed. The surgery went faster and better than anyone expected. Once again Ellen did hypnosis the next day to help him with the pain and for speedy recovery. It worked very well and he soon went home.

A few months later, Luke’s wife Olivia was having a difficult time at work on top of the stress she was still feeling from Luke’s medical problems and their strained finances. She said she was feeling a lot of anger and was throwing things and breaking them. Ellen taught her Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), as well as meditation. She started doing them and said they both helped tremendously. In fact, while at work she had to go into the bathroom several times each day to do EFT and it was the only thing that got her through and kept her from having panic attacks. She told Ellen that without it, she would have had to leave work early every day and they needed the income.

A year later Luke was feeling wonderful and his new heart was doing great, and he had more energy than since he was a teenager. Olivia got a job transfer within the same facility and is over the moon with happiness about the new position. Certainly because of hypnosis, meditation, and EFT, things went a lot better and easier for Luke and his family.

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