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Natural Pain Relief During a Concert

Recently my husband and I went to a Rolling Stones concert, since we’ve been huge fans for a very long time. We have gone to many of their concerts and this was the first one I have been to that had such enthusiastic fans. Almost no one in the packed full 60,000 seat arena sat down, even for the slower songs.

I have been having trouble for quite a few years with my back muscles going into painful spasm if I stand too long, probably due to my scoliosis. Sometimes 10 or 20 minutes of standing is enough to trigger it, sooner if I’m out in the cold. So we were in the midst of enthusiasts who were standing and grooving to Mick Jagger’s singing and prancing, and my back muscles were spasming and not letting me thoroughly enjoy the concert. I tried sitting down for short respites, but I couldn’t see a thing when I did, not even their huge images projected on the giant screens.

Then, unbeknownst to my husband, he saved the enjoyment of the concert for me. Since we were standing somewhat sideways to see the stage, he was behind me. He began gently rubbing the tips of his fingers on my back and kept it up for most of the concert. Without me saying a word to him, he just seemed to sense what I needed. Because I was focused on the pleasurable sensation, I couldn’t feel the muscle spasms that much and I was able to stand for the whole concert.

I highly recommend doing something that feels really good to you physically if you have chronic pain. It’s difficult to feel two sensations at once (may have something to do with the release of dopamine from both pleasure and pain, but it’s not a sure thing), so make the pleasant feeling really good. Massage comes to mind. Maybe you like your muscles rubbed deeply, but if not, a lymphatic massage is a very gentle rubbing of the body, basically on the skin surface (can be fully clothed). I love those and get one every month. It’s soooo relaxing.

It’s horrible to stay in pain all the time and anything natural that can be done to alleviate it is wonderful. If you’d like to discuss my Pain Program through Hypnosis and Complementary Medicine Techniques, feel free to contact me.


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