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Turtles Ended My Heart Palpitations

Since I’ve been 22, I’ve had heart palpitations whenever I feel stressed. Sometimes they are very severe, which is scary, and sometimes they are just off and on throughout the week. I’ve had myself checked out medically periodically and it was never serious. Last year I was feeling stressed and they were afflicting me again. So I did some hypnosis and remembered quite well a time in my early childhood when I also felt very upset and stressed, which then provoked my palpitations to start up as I lay back remembering the extremely disturbing memory.

My main source of comfort back then was my pets. I remembered going over to my little pet turtles and picking one up and letting it walk up the inside of my lower arm. I distinctly recalled and actually felt the feeling of the little cold wet feet slopping water on my arm as it walked up it. If I had to have one do that today with turtles I would probably be revolted, but not back then. I just laid back and felt the soothing feeling of the wet turtle on my arm. And guess what? I calmed down as I remembered it and my palpitations stopped immediately. It was astounding, even for me to witness the effectiveness of this hypnosis session!


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