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Was it a Miracle or a Mind-body Connection?

When Ellen was 10 her mother June went into the hospital for surgery and stayed there a long time. All Ellen knew was that it was serious and nothing more until she became an adult and a nurse. She learned that the doctors told her father, Edward, that when they operated on her abdomen they found ovarian cancer and it had spread extensively throughout her abdomen and even destroyed one of the ureters, the tube from the kidney to the bladder. They closed her back up and told Edward that she had three weeks to live. They never told the patient what was wrong in those days and June never asked. June was not a religious person, but she had a strong trust in her surgeon and her other doctors and didn’t worry about a thing, believing that they would take care of everything and she’d be fine.

In a futile attempt to do something, they gave her one dose of chemotherapy. But strangely enough, she began to look and feel better over the next few weeks and no one, including her doctors, could believe it. Since there were no tests back then to see inside the body, as we have now, they took her back to surgery and opened up her abdomen again to see what was going on. To their shock, all of the cancer appeared to be gone!

Shortly before June died, Ellen requested June’s medical records from Sloan-Kettering Medical Center. They were entirely handwritten in those days but they were complete. Ellen read them thoroughly and they confirm the story you just read.

No one can definitely answer the question as to why the cancer virtually disappeared. Ellen believes that it’s because of her unshakable faith that her doctors would fix her and she’d be fine. So how strong is the mind? This happened when June was 40 and she lived to be 82, never troubled by cancer again!

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